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Angelina Jolie olie poured out the details of Brad Pitt’s violence at home: alcohol, captivity, slaps, and almost strangled the child.

Angelina Jolie olie poured out the details of Brad Pitt’s violence at home: alcohol, captivity, slaps, and almost strangled the child.
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce battle has been raging after waves, and she once again went to court with Pitt after Jolie reported Pitt’s domestic abuse of children and her lawsuit was put on hold in the first half of the year.
On Tuesday, Jolie filed cross-claims against Pitt involving their property and private lives, in which she detailed Pitt’s physical violence against her and her two children, which nearly strangled their children.

On the other hand, Pitt released the news that Jolie had been spreading rumors to retaliate against him.

Surprisingly, after this statement came out, many netizens immediately sided with Pitt, and Jolie was immediately branded as a “liar”, “snake-hearted” and “greedy for money”. At first, Jolie and Pitt’s divorce lawsuit focused on the custody of the children. Jolie wanted to fight for 100% single custody, but the court finally let her and Pitt share the custody of the six children equally.
The pair have since sued over the split of the shares they once jointly owned in the French winery. The cross-action lawsuit that Jolie filed this week is still about those two things.
The Los Angeles court documents exposed by the media show that after the divorce, Jolie did not want to have anything to do with the winery. Ben was going to sell some of her shares in the winery to Pitt, but Pitt made the condition that Jolie must sign a non-disclosure agreement to prohibit her. Speaking outside court about his physical and emotional abuse of children and Jolie.
In the document, Jolie elaborated on the fuse of the breakdown of the marriage between the two – more details of the domestic violence incident on the private jet.

In September 2016, Jolie and Pitt took their six children off a vacation in the south of France and boarded a private jet back to Los Angeles. The flight was long, and Pete was in a bad mood after an argument with his eldest son.
90 minutes after takeoff, Pitt walked up to Jolie and scolded her for being too doting. The two quarreled, and Pete pulled Jolie into the toilet, and the children could only hear Pete’s roar from outside the door.
According to the document, Pitt grabbed Jolie’s head and shook it repeatedly, then grabbed her shoulder and shook it. Julie was pushed against the wall of the toilet, and Pitt slammed the ceiling angrily, knocking Julie out of the toilet.

When Julie came out, one of the children asked, “Are you okay mom?”

Pete yelled, “No, your mom is not good!” and started verbally insulting Julie.
During the quarrel, a child stood up to protect Julie. Pitt rushed to the child’s side and wanted to hit the child, but Julie grabbed his hand and stopped him.

According to previous reports, this child should be Jolie’s adopted eldest son, Maddox, who has the worst relationship with Pitt.
In order to get rid of Julie who was blocking him, Pitt turned and threw Julie on the plane seat, causing Jolie’s back and elbow injuries.

Jolie posted photos of bruised elbows and bruised hands during previous FBI investigations.

Jolie said Pitt had two or three drinks that night, but spoke clearly and was not drunk.

After Julie was injured, several children gathered around to protect their mother. During the argument, Pete strangled one child by the neck and the other was slapped. The children on the plane were as young as 8 and as old as 15. They were all terrified, some were crying, others begging Pete to stop.

Pitt attacked Julie and the children again, Julie was splashed with beer, and several children were splashed with wine and beer.

Some children cried and begged Pete: “Don’t hurt Mommy.” Julie and the children didn’t dare to say a word or move under the blanket so as not to make him angry.

Jolie’s lawyer wrote: “No one dared to go to the toilet because Pete came from behind and yelled at them from time to time.”

After Pete was out of breath, he ran to the back of the plane to sleep. When the hell flight finally landed, Jolie woke Pitt and told him she would take the kids straight to the hotel instead of going home with him.

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