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Emotionally Intelligent People Use a Brilliant 10-Word Phrase to Get Respect and Strengthen Their Relationships

A few months ago I got an email from “Tom.” Tom lost his job after his co-workers filed multiple reports against him for perceived mistreatment. In other words, Tom didn’t have his colleagues’ respect, because his colleagues felt that he didn’t respect them.I know that shouting at people is not OK and so I don’t,” said Tom. “But apparently I’m also supposed to always guard my facial expressions, never use sarcasm, and be cool and civil when someone has stepped on my toes or made a serious mistake?”
I felt for Tom because I’ve met countless persons just like him through the years in teaching emotional intelligence: managers, spouses, parents, and others who are trying hard, but have no idea their communication style is actually putting up barriers between them and the persons in their lives.

So, how do you break down those barriers? How do you make .It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it.
Why is this phrase so effective? And how can it help you in emotional moments? Let’s discuss. (If you find value in this lesson, you might be interested in my free course, which teaches you how to build emotional intelligence in yourself and your team.)

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