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The 93-story skyscraper in New York, USA shook violently: with loud noise, employees fled in a hurry

According to a report by the National Broadcasting Corporation of the United States on March 21, the 397-meter-high Vanderbilt One, a new landmark in New York, shook violently on the 21st. Office workers on the 93rd floor were evacuated urgently. Witnesses said they heard loud noises .
The staff of the building revealed on social media that on the afternoon of the 21st, everyone suddenly felt a strong vibration from the floor and fled out of the building in fright. Some people even worried that the building was “going to collapse”.
The company responsible for the building’s property management said in a statement that the building was shaking because the elevator was being repaired at the time, and emphasized that there was absolutely no risk of the building collapsing. However, some witnesses of the incident did not buy this statement. Someone posted on a social platform saying, “Attributing the cause to an elevator failure feels like an understatement.”

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