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Martial Artist Zoe Gara Makes Instagram Drool In Her Polka Dot Bikini

Zoe Gara soaks up some sunshine in her bikini while in Greece!artist flaunted her incredible body in a barely-there thong bikini. Gara shared some photos on her Instagram feed that caught the attention of her social media users across the globe. In the share, she was seen rocking a super skimpy bikini that displayed her stellar curves and assets.The 20-year-old was seen enjoying a beautiful day at the beach in the steamy shots. She sat on a white towel that was spread on the sand. Gara faced the camera with her thighs spread and legs slightly bent. As her bikini bottoms were too scanty, she obscured her nethers by positioning her left leg horizontally in front of her body. While looking straight into the lens, the Australian beauty tried to tuck her curly brunette locks behind her ears.

The ocean and the blue sky filled with clouds made up a beautiful background. Although, it was Gara herself that took center stage in the picture.A swipe to the right showed Gara posing with her back to the camera as she lounged in the same area. She folded her knees, bent forward, looked over her shoulder, and smiled. Even though parts of her face were obscured from view due to her stance, her online audience was still pretty satisfied with the model’s cheeky display.

Wearing An Itty-Bitty Bikini

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